Old Rock Gods

First, a look at what might have been for Curt Cobain:

“He might have gone more experimental. One of the things that was most gratifying for him was his recording with William Burroughs,” the legendary beat poet whom Cobain accompanied on guitar as he recited “The ‘Priest’ They Called Him.”

Some of Cobain’s early recordings, made on cassette as he grew up in the lumber town of Aberdeen, Washington, were released in 2015 to accompany “Montage of Heck,” a documentary that had the cooperation of the rocker’s widow Courtney Love.

Cuesta said it was possible to imagine a 50-year-old Cobain with a diverse solo discography that, much like Neil Young’s, goes in both electric and acoustic directions.

It may be fun to speculate, and we can imagine what so many others might have been like had they survived:

John Lennon-He was on the verge of a successful comeback with the release of Double Fantasy in 1980; one of the songs written for the album, “Nobody Told Me,” was released posthumously in 1984. It’s not hard to see Lennon rediscovering his activism in the Eighties with Live Aid and other charities, and then going into retirement with Yoko.

Jim Morrison-Morrison might have had trouble fitting in with the Seventies, and continued to focus on mysticism and poetry. He could have eventually tried a solo career, working with other names such as David Bowie.

Janis Joplin-She might have gone back to her blues and country roots, becoming openly gay in the late 1970s.

Jimi Hendrix-He was taking his music in a more jazz-rock fusion style and might have continued that way.

And finally:

The King-Elvis Presley-Much has already been written about what might have happened had Elvis lived; at the time of his death he was a middle-aged, out of weight, reclusive icon who seemed to have lost touch with a world that had passed him by. He could have gone to Betty Ford, perhaps gone back into gospel music, and remained a beloved figure to his fans and a national entertainer.


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