Listen To The Music: The Seventies

From the previous post on this subject, we jump ahead fifty years. The Seventies can roughly be divided in half, between the slow, painful end of the Sixties and the decadent, drug-fueled post-Nixon, post-Vietnam years. Here, then, are some of the songs that helped define that time.

The Beatles-Let it Be (1970)

Representing both the end of an era and the end of a band, the chaotic Let it Be sessions showed a band in the process of coming apart. “Let it Be” became the epitaph for both the Beatles and the Sixties.

Simon and Garfunkel-Bridge over Troubled Water (1970)

Charting just ahead of “Let it Be,” this is widely regarded as the duo’s signature song and is widely regarded as a Garfunkel song, although they composed it together as one of their final collaborations before breaking up that year.

David Bowie-Fame (1975)

Written with John Lennon, “Fame” was Bowie’s biggest hit in the US up to that point, and represents the shift away from his glam rock persona to the Thin White Duke era.

The Hustle-Van McCoy (1975)

Perhaps no other song has been more closely identified with the disco era, and for better or worse, the song helped define the era. Disco was proof positive that the Sixties were over and that people were ready to get up and boogie, and “The Hustle” was one of the first hits of the new era.

The Eagles-Hotel California (1977)

The Eagles defined the soft-hard rock California sound, and reached some of their greatest success with the self-titled album of the same name. The song’s spooky, Twilight Zone-inspired atmosphere only makes it all the more memorable.

The Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop (1976)

After the Sex Pistols, the Ramones were the band that probably defined punk rock as a genre as they achieved near-mainstream success. Emerging out of the mid-Seventies New York proto-punk scene, the band became known for their live shows and songs about teenage alienation. “Blitzkrieg Bop” became one of their biggest songs.

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