Scanners Of The Lost Tomb

What’s behind those walls?

At a time when Egypt’s tourism industry is suffering badly after years of political unrest and militant attacks, antiquities officials have ardently pursued a theory by a British Egyptologist, Nicholas Reeves, positing that the celebrated tomb of the young Tutankhamen was, in fact, an antechamber to a grander burial complex that, at least according to Mr. Reeves, belonged to Nefertiti.

Egyptian officials have been skeptical that Nefertiti is buried there, but they have put aside any misgivings and enthusiastically promoted the search, fully aware of the excitement, and tourist dollars, that would be generated by any find.

The work to confirm the theory has been slow, involving physical inspections as well as infrared and radar scans of the tomb, in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The tests could eventually lead to the insertion of a camera into the walls, in the quest for conclusive proof. In the meantime, Egyptian officials have worked to keep up the interest in the search, holding splashy news conferences to announce even incremental developments.

Like King Tut, the queen has long been the subject of many theories, but who is really buried in Tut’s tomb? Even Steve Martin doesn’t know for sure:


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